Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yay! Baptisms. 4 souls to the Lord.

June 15, 2015

The baptism

my zone leader Elder Avery (he died in mission terms today) and Elder Verdugo, the Argentinian DL

The Baptism 

The zone dressed in white. Pretty.

Yay! Baptisms. 4 souls to the Lord.

Some people in my district. This is the area Angamos (they are both leaving tomorrow.)

Some people in my district. This is the area Angamos (they are both leaving tomorrow.)

Elder Mendoza 

Elder Hernandez with his iPod. He was playing a Coldplay song on it. His comp is DL.

The Area Ventanilla 1. Elder Borja

Elder Knowlton.
I am a dirty boty. (Friday morning after moving a mountainside.)

Why I feel bad for Brett....  Argentinians are soo wierd...

Esta Pata... Antonio with my camera at the Trujillo temple Open house

So, first off, this week had it's awesome moments, and it's crap moments.  This week was awesome, but at the same time, it really sucked. Out numbers were soooo bad this week. Like, horrible. Aside from the first 2 on the list: Bapisms and Confirmations: 4.

Yup. The Narva Family was baptized on Saturday! And, to tell you the truth, I didn't expect it.  Super Awesome.  

And we got the calls today about who is leaving and who is going....

I will tell you at the end... maybe... >:)

So, let's start with this here list...

Lunes: After Internet, we prepared a super awesome family night with the family. It turned out to be a flop. We were going to teach Baptism and Confirmation, and we did, but it was really messy. The game was fun, though. Don't eat Pete. We talked to them about the interviews on Wednesday, and they said they were willing (because we committed them).  So that was our evening.

Martes: We were going to do a referral activity with a member. We get there, and he ALREADY KNOWS IT. UGH. The bishop spoiled it. It's Noah's Ark. We talk about how the ark was closed by God, because it was, and that only 8 people went with him. And the idea is that they give us 8 referrals, because it is so sad that people will be locked out. (They are supposed to cry). Yeah. It didn't work. He ended up putting it off because he didn't care too much. But that was the only thing interesting in my day...

Miercoles:  So, District meeting, kool. The Zone had 20 baptismal dates planned. That's a new record. In the freaking world, or something like that. 20 baptisms in one zone in one day. So, in the evening, the Narva family had their interviews.... and they were there for 3 hours. They all passed and will be baptized on Saturday. Oh, the youngest daughter wasn't there, so they said that they were gonna come back on Thursday for her.  We got back really really late, and I slept in my white shirt and tie (all of my missionary clothes but my shoes). :P It was a little uncomfortable, but I don't care.

Thursday: We found a family of 3. The mom has cancer, and they aren't married. We are going to be trying to get them to get married... And then in the evening, Antonella (the daughter of 10 years) had her interview, and passed. But Judith (the mom) said that Walter (the dad) had to work until 7 on Saturday (that's not good, the baptism is at 6). Crap.

Friday: Oops just realized that I wrote the last 2 days in English... Anyways, we had last minute exchanges, because elder Verdugo (DL) was told to meet with the family that night and talk about the baptisms, to make sure they go. I stayed with Elder Hernandez again in his area. We talked with a couple jóvenes about the church. It was funny, because they were asking us questions in an attempt to fight (which happens a lot). But Elder Hernandez is a boss, and if there was any fight at all (because it was super laid back, thanks to elder Hernandez), we won BIG TIME. haha, and then, we found a Japanese dude on the way back to the room (we had to stay the night), and elder Hernandez has been trying to learn Japanese. So it was weird, and they talked in Japanese a little, and then we went back the their room, and we slept.

Sabado: BAPTISMS. So, it was all good. I forgot to say that on Friday, We had service in another area in the morning. We literally had to break the wall of a mountain and move it somewhere else. UGH. It sucked but it was fun. The baptisms were a huge success, even though only 17 of the 20 people were baptized. The other 3 didn't pass (poor Mi Peru area...).  But yeah. I have pictures.

Domingo: They were confirmed. That is prettymuch everything. that happened...

Spiritual experience: Yesterday, I was with Walter (my new convert) in the church. He is super quiet, doesn't talk much. He was looking at the picture of the Lima temple, and I told him that that is the ultimate goal. I told him that I am exited for him, and that I am so happy for his choice to be baptized. I reminded him of Eternal Marriage, and he teared up and told me thank you. He bore a little testimony to me that he nkows the church is true, and looked at his wife, and said that that is their goal, and they hugged. It was super awesome. Just like 25 seconds passed, but I am so glad that they are already setting their goal. I know that this is the true church, and that families can be together forever. I am sad to be leaving them, but I want more people to feel that too.

So...Yeah. I don't have time to write in Spanish.

OOOHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!! I forgot to tell you about the transfers...

I am leaving the area tomorrow, AND I DID NOT EXPECT THAT AT ALL. It was a HUGE surprise.  I don't know where i am going, or who my companion will be, so yeah.

Mom asked a couple questions...

Mom, I can't eat with members because of health and money reasons. It's a little bit of a crappy situation.... And I can't eat with members... It is a mission rule.

And yes, we have LOTS of fruit. I ate a fruit that was super different a few weeks ago it was called... Lugma... I think.... But yeah.  we do have fruits here.

My area is pretty small, i think. I am not super sure. It has a couple medium subdivisions in it.  

It is half of the ward.

The mission splits in July. This is the last transfer with Huaraz in it. It is the zone highest north. Also the coldest and greenest. And it rains there. It will be trujillo South. So, with me leaving, it is possible that I am going there, though i don't think so.  Still, President said that this transfer had to be approved by the 12 apostles.

It is gonna be interesting...

Well, that is it for this week. I am gonna miss my area and my companion a lot.

Until next week, with more info...

Elder Olsen

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