Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Puente Piedra, area Zapallal 1A

June 22, 2015

So, before I say anything, Hi.

Now for the week.

Lunes-  Yup. I printed a picture for each of my 12 converts. And I visited most of them (Some weren't home and wouldn't answer the phone). I have some pictures of The first and the last converts that I had. (Johan Hurtado and the Narva Family). The others weren't home. I also have a picture with some members (Santiago [James] Velasquez and the Ramos Family). Then, I went home, and packed. I went to bed really late, because I had to pack everything, and yeah. So that was Monday.

Martes-  Ok. Transfer day.  As you all know, the mission is splitting after today. The zane Huaraz is going to be part of the mission Trujillo South. 24 missionaries went to Huaraz.  So, I woke up early. Too early. We arrived at the transfers in Las Palmeras (the zone that transfers are held in) at 8:50 in the morning. But we heard wrong yesterday.... we were supposed to be there at 9:50. :P So, we went to the offices to wait. The zone Huaraz was already there waiting (because they have to travel all day to get there). And, Elder Guevara wasn't there. CHAO ELDER GUEVARA! Yup. He's gone.  And yeah, so transfers happened. I am in the zone Puente Piedra, area Zapallal 1A. But something SUPER sad happened.......  My first companion, that guy who I met in the Phoenix airport... Elder Watkins... He is gone. To Huaraz. :'(  Goodbye, my friend. I was going to "die" with him, and go home as champions on the same plane and stuff... But yeah, not anymore. He's a goner. In Trujillo South Mission. *sigh* I am gonna miss that guy. He gets these emails, too and says that he reads them which is wierd, because they are too long. But yeah, Elder Wakins, if you are reading this, suerte. That's all.  Anyways, my companion is Elder Quintana, and he is the "son" of Elder Huish, my first DL. (That means that Huish trained him.) He is from Perú, Chiclayo.  So yeah. We got to our room, and it is GIGANTIC!!!!  The area is really big, too. That's not normal for me. We went and we set a baptismal date for a single mom named Maria. This is so wierd, a new area. But that was my day.

Miércoles- I still don't understand this area. It is confusing and big. But yeah. Wierd. It's like starting over again. But it is faster. Oh, we had district meeting, and my new DL is Elder Starita, who was my ZL my 2nd transfer. It's kinda strange, but kool.

Jueves- Weekly Planning... so, boring.  But effective. We are strarting to understand eachother as companions, but it is still wierd. I don't understand this area or anything. But I am getting closer little by little.

Viernes- I took my dirty clothes to the lavandería. But, it is out of our area. I had to take my huge bag of dirty clothes on a BUS. I can't believe it. It was really dumb... But yeah. And also, our pension is AWESOME. She cooks some incredible food.

Sábado- So, nothing happened until 7. We were supposed to have ward council. We got there, and nobody was there. So while we waited, I was watching the cultural celebration of the Trujillo temple. Super kool. Yup. It reminded me of the Gilbert Temple Celebration. Yup. Then we found a married family after we left because nobody came. Super awesome.

Domingo- The dedication. Rweally awesome. Elder Uchtdorf and Bednar were there, and they don't speak Spanish. Uchtdorf said a lot of funny things at the sealing of the cornerstone. It was awesome. Then, we had nothing to do, so we studied until lunch. We had a pretty good day afterwards and found another married family with a member. So that was my week

Lunes- We cleaned the room. Yup. That's it. Super kool week. Oh I also got a haircut finally. 

So yeah. A new area. I feel like I am actually into my mission now. 6 months in peru, 12 baptisms in 3 transfers in the field. 12 souls brought to the joy of christ, and 3 families with the potencial to be eternal. :)

So that was my week.  I liked it, but it was hard, and really different. Really hard. I am getting used to another companion and a new area. It is super fun, but really hard and wierd. But I will get through it.

Ahora, mi testimonio es esto: yo sé que esta obra es la obra de salvación. Yo sé que mi salvador vive. Yo sé que estoy dónde debo estar. Dónde necesito estar. Dónde tengo que estar. Hay veces en que quiero estar en un lugar diferente, como mi casa con mis amigos, en mi otro área, Ventanilla 2, o dondequiera sea, pero sé que esto es dónde el Señor quiere que yo esté.  
(Now , my testimony is this: I know that this work is the work of salvation . I
 know that my Savior lives . I know I'm where I should be . Where I need to be .
 Where I have to be . There are times I want to be in a different place , like my
 house with my friends, my other area , Window 2 , or wherever is, but I know this
 is where the Lord wants me to be .)
I urge all my friends and family to prepare to serve a mission. it is the greatest experience of my life, and it has already been 6 months. I am a fourth of the way through. It's unbelievable. I can't let another second pass by wasted. And I want all to know what it is like. Get to mission prep, live righteously, and study the scriptures. This gospel is wonderful, and it changes and saves lives for all eternity. 

Thanks for all your support and your love and emails. Tengan una semana extraordinaria! 

neslO bocaJ yeliR redlE
(Elder Riley Jacob Olsen)
Familia Ramos



Johan and Stephanie and their daughter

Johan and Stephanie and their daughter

 Antonella (the 10 year old daughter in the Narva Family)

The Narva Family and a neighbor.

Elder watkins


Familia Narva 

The Narva Family and a neighbor.

The main room of my room. It is really big.

The bedroom of my room. It is HUGE.

The bedroom of my room. It is HUGE.

The main room of my room. It is really big.
Elder Quintana 

I got a haircut and Elder Quintana
Santiago (James) Velasquez

Santiago (James) Velasquez

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