Thursday, January 29, 2015

Captain Moroni on the Lima, Peru Temple

My district today at el templo

 My companionship today at el templo

Me and Utai

Me and Mortensen

Me and Watkins

Me and Cluff

Me and Cunningham

Me and Whitaker

The back part of the CCM

and me, right now.

So this week was even faster.  I can`t believe that I am already an Avanzado (Advanced). I still don`t know Spanish very well, but it is definitely coming faster.  Also, Soccer has been getting more and more boring. It isn`t fun to play with more than like 26 people, and less than 14 is pointless. So, since nobody plays it anymore, exept for Latinos (there are 80!!!!!), I have been doing more productive workouts with Elder Uta`i. Every night with my companions, I do push ups, and yesterday, I GOT 100!!! That is like 97 more than I can normally do!! A set of 30, then 20, then 30 again, then 20 again. :) And I have been doing sit ups too, but I am still just ok at them, and I can only pull off 2 pull ups... I also have been running about a mile a day and then 1 lap (around the campo de futbol) walking.  Elder Utai is going to ``train`` me today... I am not exited haha. I got sick this week, and it was dumb, but I stuck it out.  And Watkins learned not to ever put soda in his fancy airtight waterbottle... It erupted when he opened it and the red fanta went straight to the ceiling and all over the door and his shirt in the middle of class! It was soo funny.  I am now the oldest group in the CCM, and it is so weird. I go on splits next Saturday with the missionaries in Lima East mission.  But yeah, that is my week.  I will send some pics too. Just give me a sec.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In the airport with Elder Watkins

Flight Info

My 2 CCM Companions Elder Mortensen & Elder Watkins

At the Lima Peru Temple


Lima, Peru Temple

Elder Whitaker and Me

Elder Whitaker

Mmmm...Inca kola

Peruvian Sol

Elder Uta'i and me

Elder Weir and Me


Elder Mortensen

Elder Watkins

Elder Watkins

Elder Watkins, Elder Mortensen, and Elder Olsen (Me)

Elder Uta'i, Me, Elder Mortensen, Elder Cluff

My CCM District:  Eler Cluff, Elder Whitaker, ?, Elder Watkins, Elder Olsen, Elder Mortensen, Elder uta'i, Hermana Haupt, Hermana Gardner, & Hermana Shumway

My CCM District

My new soccer clothes! "I'm not the worst player"

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 7, 2015
Hey!!!! Sorry I haven`t written... P-Day is On Wednesday, and I was only allowed to take 2 min to tell Mom that I am living. Peru is incredible, but always humid. It is summer here, so it is VERY hot in my suits, but when in my short sleeves, it is fine. I cried on Sunday about home. Mostly, though, the thought of you just makes me happy. I am so glad to be here, even though it is hard. I got to the CCM (MTC) at 3:30am Wednesday morning, as was only allowed to sleep until 7. Today, I got up at 5:30 to go to the temple. I took pictures, but forgot my camera in my dorm, across campus. I already taught my first lesson!! It sucked... Choppy Spanish is not kool. I will show you all my pictures next week. You can SEE the humidity here, it is almost misty. The temple is incredible. I had to wear a translation box thing with headphones. :) I am going to Interpol (the same one on dvd copyrught warnings) tomorrow for my peruvian id. Gosh, so much to tell. I miss my entire family. ESPECIALLY my brothers. I talk about my family TODO EL TIEMPO. Sodas only come in 3L here, and a 4 pack of 3L costs S/.10 (Soles) about $3 in America. Yesterday, a 70 Member came and spoke in spanish. We had the option of a translator talking to us, but I wanted to listen in Spanish, and I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD IT!!!!!!! Can`t speak it yet, but I can understand. I rode a bus today. It is soo much fun. I wish you were here, it is so awesome. Drivers are crazy. Road laws are more of guidelines here, and i feel like I am going to crash constantly. I would not be able to drive here without dying. On Thursday, a new Elder came late. Elder Mortensen is one of my TWO companions. I am in one of the two trio companionships in the whole CCM, the other one being the 3 hermanas in my district (classroom of arrivals). There are 11 of us in our district. 7 Elders and 3 Hermanas. 5 of us are in room 204.Elders Uta`i and Cluff are the other companionship in our room. Elder Uta`i is the best. Whenever I was down, he would have a cripture and a testimony of the work to share with me. And, being an only recently active, his words are filled with power. When I start getting the language, it will be so much less stressful. I have 5 weeks to learn it and can`t wait to get to the field. I love you guys. Have a great week,
-Elder Olsen
P.S. Here in the CCM, we have an hour to email on P-Day, so take your time with your emails for the next 5 weeks. :)
P.P.S. My other companion is Elder Watkins, from Round Valley.
January 14, 2015

Hey it`s P-Day again!!!! This week has gone by SO MUCH FATSER!!!! It`s wierd. Time is Flying. I am now an Intermedio, because the Advansados left yesterday, and New guys (Precipitantes) came in this morning. I can`t believe that it has already been 2 weeks. I am a huge fan of Inca Kola, and I just bought one today (3L). I brought my camera thiss week, so I will send them today. My Spanish is not getting a whole lot better, but we are in our 2nd week of lessons. In fact, on Saturday, we had a lesson, we were teaching plan of Salvacion, and our investigadora asked a question about trials, and we had to go off of our plan, to wing it in Spanish, and talk about the Atonement of Christ. It was SOO GOOD!!!! I got my fake investigadroa to cry!!! It was filled with the spirit, and one of the best experiences here in the CCM (Pronounced Say Say Emay). On Saturday, we watched a MTC devotional by Elder Holland, and I recomend it to EVERYBODY. It was soo awesome. Other than those 2 experiences though, it has been a pretty uneventful week. I learned how to play a couple thinking games, and they are all stupid when you get them, but really fun to watch people get confused. :) It`s too hard to explain, so I will explain in 2 years when I come home. I wrote the in my journal so I wouldn`t forget. Elder Mortensen is from New Mexico. He is the first companion that I have that is not very easy to get along with a lot, because we have conflicting personalities. I want to be social when he wants to study, and vice versa. He is really flat about his opinions, too. But he is still a really kool guy most of the time, so I am not upset. He is going to Lima South. The food here is still fantastic, though I am convinced that it gets steadily worse for 2 weeks, then starts over when the new groups come. We do laundry once a week, and I am 2 pairs short of enough black socks to last, so I reuse socks at the end of the week before P-Day. I was really glad on the flight here to see Watkins fly with me to Atlanta, but we never sat together. we just hung out and sat/walked around until everybody started showing up after 5 hours. I don`t remember what they served on the plane to Lima. Anyways, On P-Days, we go to the 7:30 sessions at the termple, then shop from 9:30-11:45. Then we do laundry and email, then we do whatever. It`s kinda hard having 2 companions because we never agree on what to do or teach, and there is always 1 person who doesn`t get to talk as much. Anyways it is wonderful here most of the time. OH!!! I forgot to say that I started playing soccer with everyone else yesterday, and I am not the worst player on our team of gringos. But, we always lose to the Latinos... Anyways, it is a lot more fun that ping pong, so I will probably play that every day from now on, including today. That`s my story:) Talk later. Great, my camera isn`t connecting...
December 31, 2014
I do not have time to write to everyone right now.  I am safe and sound here at Lima.  Tell you later...