Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this week was even faster.  I can`t believe that I am already an Avanzado (Advanced). I still don`t know Spanish very well, but it is definitely coming faster.  Also, Soccer has been getting more and more boring. It isn`t fun to play with more than like 26 people, and less than 14 is pointless. So, since nobody plays it anymore, exept for Latinos (there are 80!!!!!), I have been doing more productive workouts with Elder Uta`i. Every night with my companions, I do push ups, and yesterday, I GOT 100!!! That is like 97 more than I can normally do!! A set of 30, then 20, then 30 again, then 20 again. :) And I have been doing sit ups too, but I am still just ok at them, and I can only pull off 2 pull ups... I also have been running about a mile a day and then 1 lap (around the campo de futbol) walking.  Elder Utai is going to ``train`` me today... I am not exited haha. I got sick this week, and it was dumb, but I stuck it out.  And Watkins learned not to ever put soda in his fancy airtight waterbottle... It erupted when he opened it and the red fanta went straight to the ceiling and all over the door and his shirt in the middle of class! It was soo funny.  I am now the oldest group in the CCM, and it is so weird. I go on splits next Saturday with the missionaries in Lima East mission.  But yeah, that is my week.  I will send some pics too. Just give me a sec.

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