Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 14, 2015

Hey it`s P-Day again!!!! This week has gone by SO MUCH FATSER!!!! It`s wierd. Time is Flying. I am now an Intermedio, because the Advansados left yesterday, and New guys (Precipitantes) came in this morning. I can`t believe that it has already been 2 weeks. I am a huge fan of Inca Kola, and I just bought one today (3L). I brought my camera thiss week, so I will send them today. My Spanish is not getting a whole lot better, but we are in our 2nd week of lessons. In fact, on Saturday, we had a lesson, we were teaching plan of Salvacion, and our investigadora asked a question about trials, and we had to go off of our plan, to wing it in Spanish, and talk about the Atonement of Christ. It was SOO GOOD!!!! I got my fake investigadroa to cry!!! It was filled with the spirit, and one of the best experiences here in the CCM (Pronounced Say Say Emay). On Saturday, we watched a MTC devotional by Elder Holland, and I recomend it to EVERYBODY. It was soo awesome. Other than those 2 experiences though, it has been a pretty uneventful week. I learned how to play a couple thinking games, and they are all stupid when you get them, but really fun to watch people get confused. :) It`s too hard to explain, so I will explain in 2 years when I come home. I wrote the in my journal so I wouldn`t forget. Elder Mortensen is from New Mexico. He is the first companion that I have that is not very easy to get along with a lot, because we have conflicting personalities. I want to be social when he wants to study, and vice versa. He is really flat about his opinions, too. But he is still a really kool guy most of the time, so I am not upset. He is going to Lima South. The food here is still fantastic, though I am convinced that it gets steadily worse for 2 weeks, then starts over when the new groups come. We do laundry once a week, and I am 2 pairs short of enough black socks to last, so I reuse socks at the end of the week before P-Day. I was really glad on the flight here to see Watkins fly with me to Atlanta, but we never sat together. we just hung out and sat/walked around until everybody started showing up after 5 hours. I don`t remember what they served on the plane to Lima. Anyways, On P-Days, we go to the 7:30 sessions at the termple, then shop from 9:30-11:45. Then we do laundry and email, then we do whatever. It`s kinda hard having 2 companions because we never agree on what to do or teach, and there is always 1 person who doesn`t get to talk as much. Anyways it is wonderful here most of the time. OH!!! I forgot to say that I started playing soccer with everyone else yesterday, and I am not the worst player on our team of gringos. But, we always lose to the Latinos... Anyways, it is a lot more fun that ping pong, so I will probably play that every day from now on, including today. That`s my story:) Talk later. Great, my camera isn`t connecting...

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