Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I got my new scripture cases!

My forros from the side.

My triple, first vision in front

Captain Moroni on the back of my triple

My bible. Moses on the front

My bible.   The atonement on the back

This was a request from Elder Mendoza I didn't opt for the dumb ugly smoulder. Blame him. His idea.
May 25, 2015

To start. Yes they arrived. They are not invisible. I asked for Guinnea Pig fur, but I guess there was a misunderstanding. It is white leather from a cow or something. But, it is still the BOMB. They are great.  I was waiting for a month and they are here. I will send pics.

This week was pretty good.

On Monday, as I told you, I got a call from the assistants that I was going to go to the temple on Wednesday. It happened and it was great.  But, continuing, I had a Noche de Hogar with some recent converts (not my converts) Familia Ramos. We got references from them.

Tuesday- We had Multi-Zone Conference. 10am-4:30pm  With President. It was kool, and we talked about Charity. I know nothing about this country. Freaking. I need to know more. I will start asking more people about the country. I did learn that Arequipa Peru is like Texas in the US. It's almost a different country. Everyone talks about ""Passports" and stuff. It's actually kinda funny. especially when with the Elder in Ventanilla 1 (the other companionship in the ward), Elder Borja, from Arequipa. Haha, the people always talk to him about the "passport he needed to get to Peru. Haha. The assistants told me that I had to spend the night in the offices on Tuesday. We left the room at about 8:30, and arrived in the mission office at 10:00. I didn't get to bed until like 12.

Wednesday: I woke up at 5. (Ugh.)  Got ready, and left at 6. The people who went with me were (there were 2 and a half companionships): Sisters McKnight, and Castillo, Elders Guitan, Sutherland, and Olsen (Me). My companion (Elder Guevara) wasn't there. Hna Archibald told me that he was gonna go next time, because he is in Huaraz. So, yeah. Also, obviously, there was President and Hermana Archibald.  We visited Moroni, and after, we visited Tony Roma. Haha I'll send pics. We went to Mira Flores. The rich part of Lima in this mall that was big and like California. Lot's of English for the tourists, and yeah. Kool. I loved the temple. Haven't been since February. The beginning. It was great.  I got back to my area at like 7. Yeah, Elder Mendoza was late. I had to wait in the offices for 4 hours. I took a nap.  We set 7 fechas. FUERTES. A family of 5, and a single mom with her daughter. And, yeah. It was good. No news, though.
The mall in Mira Flores

The mall in Mira Flores

and Antonio.)

Me and my comp

 Me with elder knowlton, from Washington state, 30 min from Canada

Pollo a la Braza at Home

Thursday- A TON OF CONTACTING, AND NOTHING BUT REJECTION. It's alright, though. Not 1 lesson, not 1 new, not 1 referral, nothing. And I was absolutely zonked out when I got home. Whew.

Friday- Another boring day. We taught Lesson 2 to the familia (Narva, se llama) And lesson 5 to our recent converts who lacked it.  we got into a lesson with a pf (partmember family) and got 2 news.

Saturday- Another day of no fruits. I don't know why this is happening. I was also struggling really bad with the language then. Ugh. we finished the missionary lessons (finally) with fam morales, who was baptized back in march. And we had a lesson with a menos activo, jhon. I hope people go to church tomorrow.

Sunday- 4 inSac. Fam Narva went, except for their oldest son, bill. Maribel didn't go. Jhon, the MA, went, and it was a good day. fam Narva have 2 attendances, except for bill, who has 0.  We tried really hard with our last way to find people. REALLY HARD. Hoche de Hogar, where we contact doors with the intent of holding one. It had no success. It was 5:45, and we got a call from a member (who BTW is 16 and tuns 17 on my birthday, September 10) with a reference. We contacted them right away, and got 2 news at 6. Then, we went to continue contacting. At 7, we got into a family of 6!!! Noche de Hogar works. Then, we had a cita at 8, and got 2 more news!!!!!! We ended the day with 10 new investigators in just 3 hours. WOAH. 12 news this week. 10 ways works. President promised it, and it happened. Awesome. It was a great week, but mainly just because of Sunday.

Monday (Again)- P-Day de Distrito. We ate Pollo a la Braza, or roticerie style chicken, which is an extremely popular food here. With french fries, mayonaise, aji sauce, and huancayina sauce (my favorite). Yeah. I got a bag to carry clothes in. It is Orange, and awesome. It says Peru on it. I have exchanges today. I am going to the area Naval with Elder Hernandez, and the DL is staying in my area.  Sao yeah.

I am really lazy right now, and don't want to write in Spanish. I know with all the surety of my heart that this is the true church of God. I know that I am supposed to be here in Peru preaching the gospel to those who are lost in confusion. And it really is confusion. There is another church on literally every corner of every street. This Is hard, but I am doing ok. I m determined to meet Moroni and Tony Roma again, in June. I will do it. One more week to find people to baptize in June. Heavenly Father needs these souls, and if it gives me some really awesome, amazing, delicious ribs, potato skins, onion rings, french fries, Inca Kola, and a visit to the house of God for doing it, all the more reason. I love you guys alot and I miss you, but I can't wait to come home telling you that I have put forth my whole effort into the work. I won't stop working. Ever. I will be the best that I can be, and nothing will hold me back. Because, as Dad used to say, "You can do anything that yu set your mind to."

Love you guys,

Elder Olsen

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