Monday, March 30, 2015

Week.. I think it's 13... I'm not sure.

This week was alright. I just don't know what to do about my 10 ways.  We need 10 ways. Please, respond to this email - all of you - and give me as many ideas as you can give me!!!  we need more ideas, because neither of us are creative!!!

Anyways, besides that, this week was alright.  Nothing really special. I didn't even take any pictures so I will take one right now and send it.  I seriously can't remeber what happened this week. that's why I brought my journal.

Lunes: In a lesson with new investigators, I was explaining the Book of Mormon, and the guy pulls out his phone, and starts filming.  ¿¿¿¿QUE???? yeah, I don't even know, but he disappeared after that lesson. Missed his next cita, and didn't assistir a la iglesia.  Just wierd.

Martes: 2 highlights. First, one of our investigators decided to postpone her baptism until the 11 of Abril. We asked her to pray about it, and we warned her of the danger of it, but she still decided to postpone. She will be baptized on the 11 with her neighbor and friend, Fany. Second, we had a lesson with a guy named Fernando. He just wouldn't understand anything. he is one of those people that likes to try to prove wrong churches.  By the end of the lesson, he had some sort of change, because he was quiet, and actually let us talk, then he commited to go to church, and the spirit filled the lesson super strong. He ended up not going to church, but the point is that it was a really great lesson. :)

Miercoles:  There is a new Zone.  We had District meeting. There is a new Elder. He is a Peruvian, but at least I am not the new guy anymore. haha.  That was about it.

Jueves:  So we had a goal to get 10 baptisms in Abril. This week was the last week to get the news and fechas. We just needed people to go to church, so that we could set fechas in Abril. So we did a lot of contacting, and we just invited EVERYONE to church. we met people who seemed like good investigators, and it was an okay day.

Viernes:  Had a good workout in the morning. :)  Sad thing though, is that we didn't have any water for drinking. :P So yeah.  And we got a little disheartened when NO CONTACTING WAS DOING ANYTHING ALL WEEK LONG!!!! Gosh, and then one of the members said that fast Sunday here was the week before conference. So yeah. But still wasn't like the worst day in the world, so yeah.

Sábado:  I tried making my pen die in my journal. We started fasting today. well, I did. and Elder Guevara forgot. As we were going about, Elder Guevara bought an ice Cream, to annoy me. To his surprise, the ice cream melted all over his hand, and it like all went to waste.  Haha. Karma. We also got water that day.  And still no success contacting.

Domingo: I found out that it really wasn't fast Sunday. Wow. The member lied to me! Oh well. I finished my fast, and then we had church at 2. And my pen died finally. we found a big family, and now we have 10 news this week, even though like 5 of them really aren't going to progress.  So, and we only had to people in church, so say goodbye to 10 baptisms in abril. we are still trying to get them in the transfer, this week. 

Anyways, I hope next week is better. Pray for me. sé que mi misión va a ser una bendición, pero es muy difícil. Por favor, oren por mi. Yo necesito mucho. Yo estoy muy agradecido por esta experiencia. Gracias por todo! Hasta la próxima semana! Les amo!

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