Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Week that Everybody Calls "La Semana Santa"

April 6, 2015

Ok, so first thing I wanna say: Dad, your mission capital was "Holy Sunday". I wanna say that it is lame, but then when I think about mine, "Lime", I take it back...

This week... hmmm....

I don't like this keyboard, the SHIFT sticks...

Here we go,

Lunes: P-Day. Yeah. After 6, we went to Carrezales, a neighborhood in our area, to contact.  We found someone who told us that we knocked after he had been praying for God to show him the correct path. It was pretty kool, and he was super open to us.
Martes: Last day of March. Not much happened... :P A lot of rejection and failed lessons. But whatever.

Miercoles: WOW We got into 4 different houses, and met 9 new people. That's awesome, but most of them aren't going to progress, so yeah. Still!  Most people here are convivientes, which means that they live together, unmarried. Most of them have like 4 children of varying ages, and simply don't care about marriage, they find it too much work, and very unimportant, so it is hard to find people willing to change. Anyways, it happens sometimes, so we just need to find those people who are ready.

Jueves: 2 new investigators, who are pretty good. :) We had a pretty good day, and gave Carlos (the guy from Lunes) a fecha for May 2 with his son. A pretty good day, just not much to report.

Viernes: Zone conference. Yeah, pretty good day, too. A couple more new investigators. We invited EVERYBODY to conference. EVERYONE. It was actually kinda fun to hand an invitation to everyone.

Sábado: CONFERENCE. I thought I was gonna have to watch it in Spanish, but all the Gringos were able to watch it in ENGLISH. Yeah, that's right. :) :) :) :) So yeah, and I really liked Linda K. Burton's talk in the morning. I also liked all of the Priesthood session. I can't remember what session was the dude from the 70 who talked about music and dancing, but that one was great, too.  We had 5 investigators go to the sessions. One of them went to ALL 4 (a girl). She went with her convert friend's family. She is getting baptized this week, with another of her friends, Fany.

Domingo: Another 4 InSac (Investigators in Sacrament meeting). Yeah, pretty good. I liked the guy who talked fast. His talk was kool, and then Holland's was AWESOME. I thought about Brady being the brother who is catching me. (Because the brothers were 11 and 19, and we are 12 and 18...) Yeah. AWESOME talk. Super cool.

Lunes: P-Day again. :) We played Monopoly with a return missionary. He won, but I was second place (if that means anything :P) Elder Guevara lost bad. haha.

So, let's answer some questions. First, my district. Their names are... I don't know. I really don't wanna type out all their names... Sorry, Dad. :P  Oh, and Dad, the water is nothing. We get big 3 gallon boxes of water every month, and I have a filter water bottle that I can use from the sink water if we run out of the water we recieve. I should have explained that. Yeah. We have special water bottles with filters, so don't worry, I stayed hydrated. And, I can't buy my special awesome pens here, but there are the dumb normal ones, mom. Oh, and the 2 talks that were spoken by Spanish speakers on Sunday, I watched in Spanish. I understood them, but it is better in English. It is definitely getting easier with spanish. I found that I can understand Gringos when they speak better than I can understand native speakers :p But it is definitely improving.

Entonces, gracias a todo por su amor. Estoy agradecido por ustedes. Quiero hablar en Español para confundir a ustedes. >:) Me gustó la conferencia general mucho. Fue increíble. Esta semana fue lo mejor hasta ahora, y puedo sentir sus oraciones. Dios está bendiciendo a mi por ustedes. Por favor, sigue orando para mi. Los oraciones hacen una diferencia. Dios escucha a sus oraciones. Sé que eso, por lo menos, es verdadero. Dios me está ayudando. Dios siempre quiere escucharles. Continúen estando las personas que pueden estar. Les amo mucho. Tengan una semana fantástica.

Just these 2. Oh, I forgot to mention. WE ARE COMPANIONSHIP OF THE MONTH!!! For March. And, I got a kool pin for my tie, so on Saturday, I took a picture of me looking super super good. I really am El Guapo (the good missionary version)

Gracias y Les Amo Mucho,
Elder Riley Jacob Olsen en La Misión Perú Lima Oeste


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