Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yikes, furless dogs?

Alright, sooo.... Here we go again. First thing, I gotta warn you. I brought my camera. But.... I forgot the chord. :P

So, with that out of the way, this week was pretty good. Hmm... Not sure what else to say. This is gonna be a kinda short letter. I have been studying the language pretty heavily this week. reading El Libro de Mormón and such. Only one week left now in the transfer. Elder Guevara is probably leaving, but I am most likely staying. I will probably stay for 6 months here, or 4 transfers. So, I have 2 more here. Probably. But we wn't know for sure until next Monday. Today, I am going on exchanges with my District leader again (Elder Huish).  So yeah. Also today was Zone P-Day. Hmm... What else...? Oh yeah. Dad asked some questions:

How many lessons do you teach each week?
   Not enough. Yeah, about 15-20. At least, recently.  We have been having trouble finding and retaining new investigators. And especially a hard time getting them to church. If you have any ideas, tell me!

 April 27, 2015
What is a typical day like for you?

  6:30 wake up, go running for 20 min, come back, shower and eat, study personal for an hour, companionship for 2 hours (1 is for training), and language for another. we finish study at 12, then eat lunch at our pension at 1, and then get ready and leave at 2. From 2-9(9:30 sometimes) we are out proselyting. (Teaching lessons or contacting or whatever it is we do). Then, we come back, plan our day (what we will study, appointments we will have, and which of our 10 ways of finding we will use), then go to bed between 10 and 10:30. Then we restart the cycle again. On Wednesdays, we have district meetings, they last from 11-1. And P-Days, we study till 10, take our clothes to the lady that washes them, buy our stuff, eat at 1, and do whatever until 3:30, when we go to internet to email. We generally leave at 5/5:20 and then get ready and at 6, our usual proselyte routine.

What is your favorite meal?

  Lomo saltado or Chaofa with Inca Kola.

What is the wierdest thing you've eaten?

   Nothing really. I was surprised to find that all of the salads are really really sour. They like to cover them in lemon juice for some reason. And there are some meals (like potatoes covered in a wierd sauce) that sometimes taste like dust, and other times are really good. it is just a leap of faith when you get one on your plate that it will be the good ones. But, it is never too bad.  They have a papaya juice here. It is weird enough, but not too bad either.


   The stry dogs are super strange. They are EVERYWHERE. They are most of the time just... eh, whatever, another dog, but at other times, there are dogs here that are furless. I am told that they are a breed, but yikes. It is worse than those weird naked cats. Just strange.  But other than that, it is pretty normal here.

what do you like to read in the letters we send?

  Más o menos just the basic stuff. What is going on at home, how is everyone, what mission calls have come, or accomplishments of people. Sometimes the challenges that people have overcome. But if you are gonna talk about a challenge, there needs to be the overcoming of it too. i don't want to be sad during the week... :P I love you guys, and I want to know the good stuff.

Bueno, ahora es tiempo para Español. Mi testimonio y otras cosas que quisiera hablarles.  Siempre estoy feliz. Por lo menos, siempre trato a estar feliz. Practico el idioma mucho más que antes, y me siento que estoy mejorando. Mi gramática todavía no es lo mejor, ni mis palabras, ni mi habilidad se hablar, tampoco.  pero, siempre está mejorando. Poco a poco, estoy llegando a ser un mejor misionero. Quiero ser lo mejor. Quiero saber español perfectamente. Pero tengo que ser paciente. Ha sido tres meses (más o menos), y he mejorado mucho, pero hay más que puedo mejorar todavía.  Gracias por sus oraciones y esperanza. Y diga a Cameron Washburn ¡Felicidades! Y también a Shaun Sandstrom que tiene que decirme dónde va por su misión, cuando recibe.  Entonces, no tengo más a decir.  TENGAN UNA BUENA SEMANA!!!!!!!!!!!

Con amor,
El Élder Riley Jacob Olsen

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