Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yeah! Another Week in the Life of a Missionary in Peru Lima West Mission!

April 20, 2015

OK, Where do I start?  This week was better. Way better. Um, I am gonna do the day by day thing again.

Lunes: P-Day. I got home from e-mails, and took a shower. I was SOO sunburnt. I have pictures to show you. >:) So yeah. I got a "burger", or a warm fries sandwich with a little bit of meat. Got a new investigator named Manuel. I don't know how promising he is.


Martes: Nuevos meeting, part 2. Presidente Archibald is kool. And I got to see by CCM buddies again. It was pretty fun, and we got Papa John's Pizza for lunch. Yup. Taught a guy who we did Book of Mormon challenge with, and he is super kool. We taught lesson 1 right away. He was asking questions about why all religions contradict eachother and always preach about the faults of other religions instead of explaining their beliefs. So, he was kool, and he has a fecha for el 16 de Mayo.

Miercoles. Another training from Presidente, but just in our zone. Again, he is awesome. He is really funny, too. He has lots of good advise and input. It lasted till lunch, and then he was doing interviews. Ours were at night, so we had a day of work ahead of us.  We changed our area for mini-sión, and we were doing 10 ways. We got absolutely no success. Then we taught our converts from March 7.  We then went to interviews, and the interviews started running late, so we ended up staying until like 10:15. But it was all good. We went back to the room and slept.

Jueves: Another day of no success. Lot's of contacting and 10 ways, with recent convert lessons in between. So, it was not very successful. Anyways, yeah. Also, I read  a lot of jesus the Christ after daily planning. It is a good book.

Viernes: We got 2 news today. Both are kinda the same. They aren't the best, but we will see if they progress. A 18-year-old kid who just got his mission call to Trujillo Peru went with us. So, yeah. Friday.

Sábado: We were trying to catch up on 10 ways this week, so we did a bunch of contacting, and nothing happened. Then, we had to miss Mini-Sión for baptisms in our District, a place called Angamos. It is a way nicer builing than ours, even though ours is the stake center. It has a drinking fountain, which is almost unheard of around here. Haha. yeah. then we had correlation with the ward missionaries. I spoke for my companionship, about the needs of recent converts, less actives, and our investigators. i also wrote the progress record. I am so kool.

Domingo: A good day. We went to ward council, then to a recent convert/ less active married couple who hadn't gone to church for 3 weeks in a row. They went to church, but none of our investigators did. After, we went to go contact for mini-Sión. This day is supposed to be all devoted to contacting in mini-sión. So, we tried, and tried, and tried. Contacting all the people we had met over the week, and trying to get at least 1 new from it. President Archibald is convinced that mini-sión, when done right, is a sure fire way of getting a baptism every week. He pushes it soo much and makes it a must. But we weren't getting success. Nothing was happening, and we had done it the way he wanted it done, with the exception of a couple days due to meetings and baptisms. Elder Guevara said to me that it didn't work. President was wrong. But it didn't make any sense. So we decided to try just one more person on our list of people that we had met, and there... we found a family of 5 that was practically looking for us! It was crazy!!! Mini-sión works.  THANK YOU PRESIDENTE!! Yeah.

Lunes: I got a haircut. That is prettymuch it. Yeah. Haha. I'll send pics.

So, that was my week. Last week, my baptisms were: (Jenny) Martha Gamboa Meza, who doesn't actually have the name Jenny, but she likes it for some reason, and Fany Giuliana Luna Flores. They are friends, and single moms who have little girls. So, yeah. Not super exiting, but still is 2 souls that we brought to Christ. Also, we discovered this week that the guy we found a couple weeks ago, who claimed that we were an answer to his prayers, started to avoid us, and made his son tell us to stop comng by. :( But, I guess he just wasn't ready. Now to find more people.

Entonces, mi semana fue muy muy mejor que la semana pasada. estoy muy agradecido a Dios por ella. Estoy muy feliz por la oportunidad de tener mucho tiempo con mi presidente de misión, en tres reuniones y una entrevista. me gusta hacer Mini-Sión, y el consejo del presidente acerca de esa manera de encontrar. Bueno, gracias por ser buenas personas en Arizona, o dondequiera estén. gracias por soportarme, y sigan orando por mi, porque las oraciones realmente dan a mi ayuda y esperanza. el tiempo está pasando muy muy rápidamente. ¡Santa vaca! (Haha that is "Holy Cow" translated into Spanish. It really isn't a saying.) En dos semamas, ¡voy a tener solamente 14 cambios más! ¡No puedo creerlo! Entonces, hasta luego. espero y quiero que tengan una muy buena semana, con buena salud, y unidad como familias y compañerismos. gracias otra vez por ser los mejores! 

Hasta al 27 de Abril,
Élder Riley J. Olsen

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