Monday, March 30, 2015

Transfers tomorrow...:(

Elder Guevara, my trainer for the first 6 weeks, who can speak english and Spanish, and has been a great help to me these past 6 weeks, and is from El Salvador, is... sadly.... sorry to say that he..... staying. HA GOTCHA!!!

Just kidding, you probably weren't fooled. :) Alright, let's go through the days again. I like doing that.

Lunes: Had intercambios. Turns out that it was actually with Elder Huish, my district leader4, and not his companion. Elder Huish is also from Mesa, AZ. He has been in the mission for about 8 months now.  He is pretty kool. 

Martes: In the morning, we found a guy who didn't have hands, or a left ear. He literally had hooks for hands! It was crazy, but we didn't show any concern or amazement. We kept our kool, and Elder Huish got a future investigator who seemed very interested in the church. Switched back to my own companion, and we went straight to a lesson. At the end of this lesson, I was prompted to share something about temptation, and commandments. So, I pulled out my scriptures, and shared it. But, it was really crazy, because I was saying things that I didn't even know I could, and I talked for a considerably long time. I can testify that the Holy Ghost was talking through me. It was soo kool. After that, I had another couple lessons, and did a good amount of talking in them too. It was great.

Miercoles: I shared an insight on the spot in Spanish at the district meeting, and did pretty good. my Spanish is getting a lot better really fast.  Then, that night, we found a family with FHE, and a bunch of neighbor kids came. We got 3 new investigators, and a bunch of future, because we talked to the other kids' parents afterwards. The best part, They are ALL married. That is a miracle! Nobody is married here. So, that was really kool. Also had some fun listening to a member making a fool of himself. Yeah, it was a good day.

Jueves: By this point in the week, I was determined to have a good week. We set a goal of 10 baptisms in April, and we are wrking hard to get them. I had my first interview with President finally, and it took most of the day long.  It was good, and we did a lot of contacting afterwards, and got some future investigators.  President shared the story that dad shared a lot about the guy who wnted some advice to fix his life or something, and the mentor guy grabbed him, and shoved his head under the water, until the guy almost drowned, then he pulled him back up and said that if he wants it as bad as he wanted to breath, he can do it.  So, I got pretty inspired. haha, so yeah. I want to be the best.

Viernes: This week, I had a really, really bad kink in my neck... It really hurt. But I am determined to be optomistic. Then, that night, We got 4 refferals from a recent convert, and we got a bunch of new investigators.  We have been having a lot of success in finding this week. almost so much, that I don't feel like I deserve it. this wek, and from now on, I will earn the success I get.

Sábado: Not a lot to report. Found another married family. We just had to wait to ee who will go to church.

Domingo: We only had 1 investigator go to church. But, we didn't expect a lot to go this week. It seemed that everything was going wrong for everybody. We need to somehow get people to church. If you have any advice on how to make that happen, please tell me. Also, if you have any ideas for finding, let me hear them. We need better ideas. 

Lunes: personal P-Day. Finally bought our groceries.  I get milk again! And I got more of that really good vanilla cereal.  Elder Guevara is staying.

This week has been great. I am determined to work harder. I want to want success as bad as I want to breath. I am working towards that desire. I am working towards becoming a better missionary.  Oh, and Mom, if you could send me some more stuff, that would be great. ;)  I need another 5x7 pane of glass, because the one that you sent broke, I need some more pens, because people keep stealing them, so I only have like 2 and a half left, and I use them a lot. Also, an English Hymnbook, so I can read the hymns, and more lined paper, because that doesn't exist here... :P

He estado teniendo una muy grande experiencia. Gracias por sus oraciones por mi, y suplico que puedan seguir orando. La misión es maravillosa, pero es difícil. Por favor, oren por mi. Voy a orar más y más por ustedes. Quiero que ustedes están felices también. Si pueden, ayúdenme con ideas para encontrar. Necesitamos más maneras, porque nuestra meta es 10 bautismos en Abril. Gracias! Ahora, mi testimonio es este: 

Sé que el Señor vive, y que me ayuda. Sé que me ha dado todo que tengo. Él es mi Salvador y Redentor. su sacrificio por nosotros es más grande que podamos comprender. Sé que Dios realmente contesta cuando oramos, y que Él quiere que estamos feliz. Ellos van a ayudarnos, guiarnos, y protegernos, si pedimos.  estoy muy muy muy agradecido por ellos, y cada oportunidad que me han dados.  Gracias por todos. les amo mucho, y espero que puedan sentir mi, y Su amor cada día. Tengan una maravillosa semana! (Or else... >:)  )

De nuevo, LES AMO!!
Élder Olsen (Riley)

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