Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2, 2015 Baptism of Johan and clean shoes for a moment

Alrighty. So this week was ok. Not alot really happens.  There is never anything super different. I will go by days...

Monday: Elder Guevara got a haircut, and we taught a couple of lessons. Bore testimony.

Tuesday: We had a big day planned, but every single lesson fell through. We tried contacting but nobody would listen to us, and at the end of the day, we finally had one lesson happen, and he was a Dominican or something who slurred his Spanish so bad, not even Elder Guevara could understand him... To make things worse, he said something anout a gringa that he married in Texas, and died or something, so he was trying to talk to ME because I am a gringo.  Wow... I had no idea what he was talking about, and he wouldn't accept us to come back...  But he kept the LdM. :P

Wednesday: Johan Javier Hurtado Principe had his second baptismal interview, and passed! Other than that... it was an average, one third understood day.

Thursday: Read to 2 Nefi in el Libro de Mormón aloud in personal study, and was another very average day of not much.

Friday: Was funny, because it was my turn to contact, and I saw this guy and went up to him, shook his hand, and he said claro claro... then pushed pass me and went inside... He REALLY didn't care... and we tried knocking on the door, but he wouldn't answer... until his daughter came, and said that he wasn't home. :P

Saturday: We didn't do a lot, because of the baptism at 6. We were told to be there at 5, and Elder Guevara spent a while getting ready. we got a couple of lessons in, and the others fell through.  Johan was baptized, and there was a great turnout, and all of the Zone came (because that is what they are supposed to do) so yeah. He bore his testimony, and Elder Guevara said it was very powerful. I didn't understand a whole lot of what he said, but I could feel the Spirit. We have correlation on Saturday nights, so we had it right after, at 8, and it lasted until 9.
The baptism with Johan. His wife and mother in law were already members.

Elder Guevara, Johan Javier Hurtado Principe, and Me

My first baptism in my mission journal

Sunday: Was pretty a'ight.  I was so thirsty, that I drank like half ofe the water in our room. :P Then we had a lesson with new investigators (a family of 3) and taught our gfamily of 5 investigators who are getting baptized on Saturday with their friend. so we have 6 baptisms this week. I am nervous, because Elder Guevara tells me that I am going to be doing half of the 6.... and I don't really know spanish... or how to baptise. :P So that will be fun.  

Anyways, then today, I bought some white bread and butter, and had a slice with butter on it, and it was exactly the same as it is supposed to be. It was AWESOME. Best food I've had since I've been in Perú. Haha, jk, but it made me feel at home, and it was good. :)

So, that was my week.  I am very proud of Spencer for being the good brother that I knew he could be. Dad told me that he has been doing a really good job at that. I wanted to thank him in front of everybody who will read this letter, because he is the example at home now, and I am very proud of him for being so good.  I am happy for all of my brtohers and family, and am proud of them too. Zachary, for being so fun and optimistic (at least in his letters) and getting his Life Scout like a boss. Brady, for getting the Priesthood and his awesome castle that Dad just sent me a picture of, and getting his 1st Class. Paxton, for getting his Bobcat and being such a good brother to everyone, not just his actual brothers. And R2 because he is still being cute. Dad, for being so uplifting and encouraging to me. And Mom, for being brave enough to hike. Thanks everyone for behaving while I am gone.

Now for my testimony... en español.

Sé que el Evangelio ha sido restaurado a la tierra por medio de José Smith, el cual fue llamado de Dios y Jesucristo. Ayer, leímos en una lección con un converso reciente la historia de José Smith.  Puedo siempre sentir el espíritu cuando leo ese.  Sé que Él realmente vio Dios y Jesucristo.  Sé que el Libro de Mormón es verdadero.  Sé que el profeta Thomas S. Monson es un profeta verdadero, y que he sido llamado por él, o sea, por Dios, para venir aquí y compartir lo que sé a ellos que no saben. Esta es una oportunidad grande.  Serviré con toda mi corazón, mente, y fuerza.  Yo amo a esta iglesia, porque es la verdad, completamente. estoy muy muy muy agradecido para estar aquí.  Gracias a todas personas que me ayudaron. Mamá, papá, Sarah, Xander, y todos mis hermanos. Les amo!!
The view of the ocean from my area!

And my clean shoes:)
A nice coke:)

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