Thursday, March 12, 2015

This was truly a great week. A lot happened. I like how I did it last week, day by day, so I will do it again.

Lunes: On Monday, it was p-day, and was awesome, as always. At least, until 6...  I had exchanges.  I went with an Elder Perez, from Comumbia, who doesn't speak English, for 24 hours.  He was really kool, and knew how I was with the language, so he spoke very slow, and gave me LOTS of oppurtunities to speak. I Was completely lost for most of the evening, just knda following him as he went placing, trying to answer his questions as good as I can, but I was feeling better by the end of the day. Listened to some music, said a prayer, and went to sleep.

Martes: Woke up and had some new kind of cereal, with a vanilla creme filling, and it was GOOD. Had personal study, memorized the last point of the 10 "Cómo Comenzar a Enseñar" points, and rread a bunch of El Libro de Mormón. Then, for companion study, we practiced using the points, and teaching prayer, as a first lesson.  Then, he went to go get a small trim cut at like 10:30, and he shared the first lesson with the guy cutting his hair. We went back, and prepared for the day, went to lunch, and one member got almsost seemingly mad at me, because I wouldn't talk much. I talked a bit, and we had a couple lessons. At 6, we went back to our own companions, and I taught a couple lessons to our investigators with baptismal dates.

Miercoles: Had district meeting, waited during interviews of our investigators, all of them passed, but 3 needed another interview, and had them that night, and passed those too. :) 6 baptisms.

Jueves: Our running water wasn't running today. :P so, we couldnt shower, or use the toilet.  We got a new investigator named Fany, but pretty uneventful. 

Viernes: Still no running running water. Zone meeting. In the afternoon, we discovered that, due to certain circumstances, one of our investigators could no longer get baptized on saturday, but will work towards a later week. Then Elder Guevara told me that I had to baptize all of the family. Then I went home, listened to some music, and went to sleep.

Sábado: So yeah. I baptized 5 people, discovered of a talk that I was supposed to give for Sunday at church. And also, we had to change our schedule to go to the District Leader's baptisms at 6. Yeah, then wrote a bit of my talk, and went to bed.

Domingo: Finished my talk, practiced a musical number for church, had lunch, and went to church at 2.  Our family was confirmed, and due to time restrictions, I didn't end up having to give a talk!! :D So, yeah it was great. We had a lesson with last week's convert, Johan, and we taught lesson 3, and I was saying things in Spanish that I didn't know that I could! It wasn't perfect, and Elder guevara still did most of the talking, but it was one of the best lessons that I have ever had. Afterward, Johan wanted to learn English a bit, so we taught him some English. How to pray. Yeah. It was a good day.

And now there is today. We studied, shopped, prepared for the week, had lomo saltado for lunch with some Inca Kola, and now we are here. It has been a really great week.

Oh, and I am going to answer what I think a lot of you are thinking.  I BAPTIZED MY FIRST TIME!!!! FIVE PEOPLE!!!! IN SPANISH!!!!  I was soo nervous and anxious, but as soon as I got in the water, I was super calm, and I felt the Spirit. I had to do every single person twice, because they kept sticking their feet up, but it was successful, and I am freking soo happy. I felt good, and it was the spiritual highlight of my week. Sé que esta iglesia tiene la verdad. Jesucristo verdaderamente es nuestro salvador y solo mediente Él podemos tener la vida eterna. I miss you all, and am glad to see that you have all had great weeks. :) Have another one. ;)

Love you guys!
Elder Olsen

They have something here, that made my day. TRIX cereal, NOT IN PUFFS. I know it's stupid, bu I just HAD to get it. Haha.

I was bored.

And this one is the really good cereal I was talking about.

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