Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb 23, 2015 Dusty Shoes

Elder Guevara

The shoes are from just like 2 hours of walking in my area. They were black and polished and pretty, but now I have to clean them again. :P
Ok.  Here we go. I havent had a very good week. Spanish is still impossible as of yet, but looking back on the week, I feel like is better than what it was. I have felt terrible and discouraged every single day this week, but I cant remeber. it just blurred by.  We started a contacting techique that our President gave us. Its called "Mini-Zion" (Mini-Sión). Basically, or an hour every dy we just walk around the block and say hi to people. eventually, they will feel something good when we comeby, and at the end of the week, knock on every door in the block. People will open the doors and let you in. Thats the idea, at least. So we did that, and we are going to knock tomorrow. I am exited to see. Anyways, I didnt miss home as much this week, either.  I was only discouraged a lot. Spanish is hard, and different.  I have found that the District videos can help a little with the teaching, or the idea of teaching. I wish that there were videos about learning spanish. :P Oh well. On Saturday, something incredible happened. I told Elder Guevara that I wanted to go a certain way on the street. I dont know why. But we ran into somebody (I contacted him, meaning: "¡Hola! Somos misioneros de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Mi nombre es Elder Olsen, y este es mi compañero, Elder Guevara. Tenemos un mensaje para usted sobre la familia." Then, I gesture to him, and he takes over.) He was interested, and taught him a lesson right after at his house!  Later that day, we were about to end Mini-Sión, and I wanted to stop by a family who we had taught once, but werent home when we went back for the second lesson that we had scheduled, or any other time (3 or 4 times during the week) that we knocked. So we stopped by, and they were home! They let us in, and we taught the restoration to them, which ended up being the best lesson that I have taught, because I understood everything, and even was able to "Ping-Pong" our teaching of the lesson. I taught like half of it, and bore testimony. At the end, I even asked the commitments, including reading and praying about the book of mormon, invitingthem to church, and most importantly, inviting them to baptism, with a date. The accepted all of them, but didnt go to church.   :(  Anyhow, it was a great lesson, and I was confident for the next 2 hours of the day, until bed. That feeling didnt carry into Sunday, and my Spanish was terrible again that day, but whatever. It is improving. Just a little, but there is some improvement.  Now to answer questions. Mom, Yes, it is the only room, and there is a bathroom down the hall. The walls and floor are stone or concrete or something. The bathroom is s,mall, has a curtainless shower that is just a little corner of the room (actuall like a fourth of the space) a toilet, and a sink. Air conditioning doesnt exist in my whole mission, save one stake center about an hour from my area, that all mission meetings are held at, besides transfers. We eat at a "pensionista"s house every day for lunch. She is paid by the church, and doesnt ever talk to us. We eat alone. We are not alñowed to eat at members houses because of safety reasons, and I have taken dads advice to drink the juice literally, and drink the juice that is offered by just about anybody. I didnt do it at first, but when I did, dad was right, and I could see that they were more happy. I shop at corner stores when I am thirsty, and want a drink, but on P-Days, there is a supermarket called Metro, which is like a run down Wal-Mart. Our church building is A chapel and really small cultural center, a hallway connecting them to a building with like 6 rooms and a bathroom, and a big scary fence around the builing.  All churches here have them, not sure why, but whatever. It is a smaller ward, but it still has the 3 hour block with all of the different age groups and stuff. Our ward covers 2 areas, so us and the district leader share a ward and see eachother alot. His name is Elder Huish (pronounced like Jewish, but with a H sound at the beginning instead of a j) He is gringo, but never talks in english for some reason. Haha. Right now, my schedule is Study, study, study, lunch, more study, then from like 2:30 or 3 until 9, out teaching.  Uh, I dont see any more question right now in my inbox... So... yeah. All food is rice and meat, we are not allowed to eat ceviche, or anything raw or uncooked, there is a lot of candies that are close to US candies, but not as good (Exept for one called Tentación - Temptation in English - that is super cheap and super good. A sugary cracker with orange, chocolate, and vanilla flavors, but I obviously get orange.) All soda is the same, exept they have a little bit more of a variety with Inca Kola, its ripoffs, and Guarana soda.) The food is always the same. At least it is good:)  I love you guys, and miss you a lot, but se que debo estar aquí. Se que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es la iglesia verdadera. Se que José Smith fue verdaderamente un profeta de Dios, y que el evangelio de Jesucristo ha sido restaurado a la tierra mediante él. Estoy muy muy agradecido por esta oportunidad para servir una misión, y quiero decir que aunque es difícil, es una grande experiencia. Tengan una buena semana! Les amo!! (Y Brady, felicidades en recibiendo el sacerdocio Aarónico! Estoy feliz para usted! También, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!! -- Translation- And Brady, congratulations on recieving the Aaronic priesthood!  I am happy for you! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!)  Oren para mi, por favor. Necesito este mucho.  Otra vez, Les AMO!  :) 
My area map, and my planner on friday. Still getting used to using it, but I am getting better at it. I also tried taking a picture of one of the freaking 5 daddy long legs that are hanging out in my room.  Yeah, lucky me! But they just sit there, so I am not afraid of them. :) HAHA


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