Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 1st week in the field

That is soo kool! Rhett will be a great missionary in 15 years. Haha. Better than me anyways... I have been really stressed... I will tell you more in my weekly mail.
       ~This was in response to this cute story:
 (Today Rhett hasn't been feeling good.  This morning I asked him if he wanted to go to church.  He said "no, I want to go on a mission!"  Then I told him that missionaries go to church every week.  Then he said, "I'm going to go to church in my mission rocket ship."  (I think he may think that the plane you went on was your mission rocket ship) :)  

Hey guys! So, last week at the CCM was really fast and very informative, meaning prettymuch no PA and no p-day. I had to say goodbye to all of my friends that I had made. My CCM District had become a family to me, and it was really sad to leave. Elders Utai, Cluff, Mortensen, Watkins, Whitaker, and Cunningham were the coolest people. I wish you guys could have known them. Anyways, I was the leader of the mission group, which meant that I had to keep track of everyone going to West mission.  It was pretty easy. I just had to wake up at 4:30 to wake up everyone. And I did. (TAKE THAT DAD!!!)
We went to the beach, and President Archibald wasthere, and told us a story of Spanish Conquistadores who took over the 4000 Incas with 200 men. They burnt their boats, so that they couldnt turn back. Then he

Oops... didnt mean to send that.

Anyways... he gave us all paper boats, and told us to burn them.We burnt them, and he told us that there was now no turning back, and we need to work and fight to survive. It was great.  

We got to the Mission office, and it was hot. there is only like one building in our mission that has it. :P  We went over the stuff that we were given, then we had french toast.  I love american food. After that, it was time for transfers. I was sooo nervous. I couldnt hardly sit still.I was one of the last people to be announced.  My Area is called Ventanilla 2 in the Ventanilla zone. My trainer is...

That one was intentional. haha. My entranador is Elder Guevara. He is a Latino from El Salvador qand the best part is... HE SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!!  He is fluent.  OH I am sooo glad about that.  He is a really cool guy. He loves listening to Music (thak goodness for that, I wasnt allowed to listen to anything in the CCM) and we listen to all of my music.  My room is really small and cramped, but I have come to call it home, for now. The first day, or, the evening that we got to the area, he had me contact like 4 people, and we taught a couple lessons. The people dress normally, like they do at home. Their clothes are all clean, but the all live in shacks in the dirt with thin wooden walls. Nobody is married, but they all have children and live together. It is apparently really hard and expensive to get married here, so that is a big obstacle for all of our investigators. The are all so humble. I look up to the people that live here. It is just amazing and humbling. if your thought you were tight on money, you have no idea.  I love it. The people here are so friendly. I think. I don't understand anything that is spoken. Ever. I am soo lost here, and it is soo stressful. It doesn't help that my tick is back, and I miss home. I have so much to do. I need to stop worrying about home, learn Spanish, and study the gospel. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done. Ever. Everybody tells me it will get better after 3 months.  3 MONTHS!!! I want it now!!! But I am doing my best to endure with optimism. I am always talking optimistic.  I try to fake my happiness until it works its way to my heart. I can do anything that I set my mind to, and I am setting my mind to it. The past couple days especially it has been soo hard. I was nervous to write today, because I didnt know if it would relieve any stress.  But it does... *sigh of relief* I miss you guys a lot.  Elder Guevara is soo helpful.  He worries about me when I am starting to show my stress.  It is so hard staying awake. Especially when everything sounds like gibberish to me.. Haha. soda is cheap here, like the equivalent of 20 cents at home for a 1 liter bottle of coke.  It is cold, and helps me stay awake, so I drink some every now and then. (I dont drink the whole liter i normally get the 250ml bottles which are 20 centimos, or like 6 cents and I drink it slowly, probably once a day.) Lots of corner stores and "mototaxis" which are super wierd 3 wheeled motorcyles with a cab in the back. I dont have any pictures of them, so you should just look them up. We ride in them a lot. They are 1 sol per ride. The bishop here is a driver.  I feel so alone because of my Spanish. But I am always praying. Always. I have faith that this will get better. Less stressful, more fun, and more spiritual.  I love you guys, I love the Church, and I love the Lord. Happy valentines day (2 days ago.) Oh! I almost forgot! Since I have been here, we have 7 baptismal dates set. (Johan, Morales family of 5, and Jenny) I had to ask the commitment. They would answer, and ask a question, then Elder Guevara would answer because I don't know any Spanish it feels.  Anyways, keep me in your prayers. I need them. Love you guys!

Also there are dogs everywhere. Peru always is making a sound. A honk, an engine, spanish somethings, and barking. I dont know what the beach is called, but it is a cove, and there isnt sand, just stones. And it also makes noise. Haha. Dad also talked about how his mission madfe it impossible to sleep without a fan, and let me tell you, I am already the same way...

And one more thing. It is ALL dirt. All dirt. Period. My shoes get soo dusty. Haha.
and this is how you send me letters. My whole mission. If you want to send a package do it. Just cover it with Virgin Mary stickers. Nobody will touch it. :) elder Guevara just told me I look like Thomas S. Monson when he was young. :P See you next week! (That means send pictures.) Have fun at home, suckers.

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