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Pictures of last P-Day. We had completos or whatever they are called. The ones in Kid history. (If you buy 1 it's only 1 dollar. If you buy 2, it's only 2 dollars,if you buy 3, it's only 3...)

 me in the morning, bored when I first woke up. Before getting out of bed.

Translation: How can I baptize more?

I am just too kool for school. That's why I'm here!!!!! HAAAAAAA

Mi Segundo Compañero Elder Mendoza

 Mi nuevo cuadro de Cristo.

Playing Monopoly today

I don't even know where to start. Spencer, I know you want me to send just the spiritual experiences or experiences in general, but it is just too hard. So, I am gonna keep doing my day to day thing.

Lunes: Talked to our converts to say goodbye, because Elder Guevara is leaving. And then we had PIZZA.

Martes: Transfers. My new companion is Elder Mendoza. He is from Honduras, and he has been here for 6 months. He doesn't speak English. Also, he doesn't have a left thumb. I don't want to ask why. so yeah. We got to the area at about 2, ate lunch, and got to work. Oh, and I saw the word Mayimbe and it reminded me of dad. Also, my companion is funny, like, super funny. He is ALWAYS making jokes, but also knows when and how to be serious.

Miércoles: Taught another lesson, but I lead the whole lesson. it was hard, but i did it. I am starting to get better at the language. That was about it.

Jueves: Nothing happened. All appointments fell through, and we didn't get any news. But we are trying.

Viernes: Got new planners. And got 2 news. A mother and son.  They gave us Inca Kola as we left, which is ALWAYS a good sign. ;) We met the new Zone, and a recent convert accompany us in a lesson. It was pretty kool to hear his testimony in the lesson.

Sábado: A productive day. 2 more news. And I got all things on my checklist done. Yeah. Oh, and of course, I lead Correlation. 

Domingo: I don't know. I was distracted ALL DAY LONG. I kept thinking that I wish Mothers Day was in June, so that it would be in the middle of the year,instead of having to wait 7 months until Christmas. I was afraid to talk to my family, because I was afraid of hanging up. Freaking. But the day happened. We had 1 new, no InSac, and 4 fechas fell. So, church was eh. But at 6:10, my day was happy again. I talked to my family for the first time in almost 5 months. I got to hear their voices and see their faces. It was awesome. But, we are only allowed a half hour to talk to our families. It is a churchwide missionary rule. :( But it was ok. I was left with so many things that I wasnted to say. 1 hour a year is absolutely nothing. And I will only be able to talk to them 2 more times on my mission. Freaking. But it was awesome. I bore my testimony in Spanish, and we had a family prayer, which I offered in Spanish. 

Now, some things tht I wanted to say but couldn't. They are trying to make me fat here. Seriously they give me SO MUCH FOOD. Also... hmm... I forgot.  It's kinda funny how my family is all "Your Spanish is so good." It's just because... they think it's good, but it is really just kinda... ok. But it sounds fluent to them, because they have absolutely no idea what I am saying. Haha. I really think it's funny. OH I REMEBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You all should learn Spanish so that I can speak it still when I get home. It's easy. haha. You just have to learn all-new grammar, words, and be able to think in Spanish. Seriously though, it would be kool if on Christmas you guys can all bear your testimonies to me in Spanish. I want that.

Entonces, ahora es mi parte favorita. EL TESTIMONIO! Para empezar, voy a tratar a repetir mi testimonio de anoche. Yo sé que esta iglesia, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es la única iglesia en todo el mundo que es completamente verdadera, y que tiene la debida autoridad del santo sacerdocio de Dios. José Smith fue un profeta. Real y verdaderamente. Por medio de él, Jesucristo pudo restaurar Su iglesia. Sé que el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios, y contiene la plenitud del evangelio eterno. Y además, estoy agradecido por la oportunidad de hablar con mi familia, y mis mejores amigos.  A ellos (mi familia y mis amigos) les amo mucho. Mi familia tiene gran importancia en mi vida. ellos me hacen feliz. La parte más difícil de anoche fue el fin. No quería terminar. Quería hablarles para siempre, decirles todo que quería,y estar en Skype por dos mil horas. Pero, quiero ser obediente, y hacer todo rectamente.  estoy emocionado para Navidad, pero tengo que enfocarme en la misión. en los almas que necesitan el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Gracias a todos por ser los mejores, y gracias a Spencer y Sarah por dar cuento en que soy guapo.  Enserio, es verdad. Yo soy lo más guapo que todos los misioneros acá en Perú, y siempre seré lo más guapo. Aun más que El Guapo de "The Three Amigos". Siempre guapo.

Les amo mucho a ustedes, y quiero lo mejor para ustedes, también.
Hasta Lunes,
Google Translation:
(So now it's my favorite part. THE WITNESS! To begin with, I will try to repeat my testimony last night. I know that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church in the world that is completely real, and has the proper authority of the holy priesthood of God. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Really and truly. Through him, Jesus could restore his church. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel. And besides, I am grateful for the opportunity to talk to my family and my best friends. They (my family and my friends) I love you very much. My family is very important in my life. they make me happy. The hardest part of last night was the end. I not want to end. Always I wanted to talk to, tell them everything I wanted, and be on Skype for two thousand hours. But I want to be obedient and do everything righteously. I'm excited for Christmas, but I have to focus on the mission. in the souls who need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for being the best, thanks to Spencer and Sarah for giving story that I'm handsome. Really, it's true. I am the most handsome that all missionaries here in Peru, and always will be the most handsome. Even more than El Guapo "The Three Amigos". Always looking. I love you very much to you, and I want the best for you, too. Until Monday,)

El Élder Riley J. Olsen,
Misión Perú Lima Oeste
11 de Mayo, 2015
(Once de Mayo, Dos Mil Quince)

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